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The Robot Has The Love And Engineering Machinery Industry The First Charity Auction Auction Collection Initiative From Hahamaster Company (Water Pump ,Generator)

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Love; robot, engineering machinery industry the first charity auction auction solicitation proposal
6 mid late, Hubei, Anhui and other places there has been a sustained heavy rain, a large number of low-lying areas of the people in urgent transfer, some families suffered huge losses. The storm raging, blocking the road, drowned crops, houses erosion, casualties, blocked roads, mass production to a standstill, lives have been greatly affected. Hubei is currently one of the most serious flooding disasters in the provinces, more than 800 people were affected. Hefei, Lu'an, Anhui, Anqing and other 10 cities and 59 counties, cities and counties, cities and counties, cities of 911.8 people were affected by sustained heavy rainfall disaster, including crops, houses and other direct economic losses of tens of billions of dollars.
The charity auction held by the first domestic engineering machinery enterprises will celebrate the auction robot love and dedication
A difficult one, help comes from all quarters, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. As a member of the community, our engineering robot first in the community launched the initiative of the assistance of the disaster areas compatriots. Donations to help the victims to tide over the crisis in production and daily life, we will go through the charity auction will be collected to the enterprises and engineering machinery accessories, works of art, cars, and other crafts auction to the auction of the community and charity auction club funds, net of endowment cost will directly through volunteers donated to the disaster areas and assist the compatriots in the disaster areas to carry out emergency rescue work, proper placement of the victims, to help them rebuild their homes.
The auction collection auction can set the minimum price, you can also donate no reserve form
Give roses, hand there are lingering fragrance. The social responsibility of the exhibition I engineering robot, carry forward the Chinese engineering robot love dedication, help the victims to tide over the difficulties, easily ring Auction Co., Ltd. issued a proposal to the world people love, to the major manufacturers, agents, car dealers, artists and collectors collection charity auction auction. Charity auction is easy to all staff are free services, and to accept the supervision of the third party notary public and all donors, so open, transparent.
water pump ,gasoline generator
The activities of the whole, for auction of the enterprise or individual donations will be through the portal website, industry website, on-site promotional activities shows such as certain propaganda, reflected and transmitted donation sense of business and personal love, brand and social responsibility, all involved in the send goods pat and successful bid to buy auction enterprises and individuals will receive honor certificate of love.
Auction collection range: engineering machinery parts, has a certain value of cars, luxury goods, wine, art etc..