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Construction Machinery Products Also Face Resource Restructuring, Specialization And Concentration Is Higher

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Global construction machinery industry for many years of decline, to manufacturers, distributors, equipment leasing, as well as suppliers, in particular, does not have the size of the effect caused by the enterprise and the big or small challenge.
As Buffett said, only in the sudden tide, before we know who is swimming naked.2016, or will become the exit of these small and medium enterprises.
By then, the global construction machinery industry resources will be more optimized configuration, higher degree of specialization, the industry will be more concentrated pattern.From the manufacturer's point of view, in developed countries known as the "invisible champion" or "unicorn" small and medium-sized enterprises, holding technology, brands and other core competitiveness, but in the market was "potential" not "benefit"".
 Under the market, fund management, or his successor and other practical problems, or they will exit the engineering machinery industry, or incorporated into other enterprises, become the latter to develop specific market segments and or complement the business short board, the possibility of a powerful tool for product line. In this way, the global construction machinery manufacturing capacity will be optimized and adjusted, the concentration of the industry to further improve.
The same things are distribution end, the huge gap between the sales will not be able to fully support the peak of the rapid expansion of the distribution network, the scale is small, the specialized degree low in small distributors or agents will be forced to choose to exit, its distribution network and regional will be large distributors integration, the distribution system in the global construction machinery industry will experience a re shuffling process, this process a few years ago had already turned and throughout in 2016, continue for a number of years.
 Equipment leasing industry resource integration, and re configuration of the event is also constantly staged, only the operation and management capabilities of the enterprise, in order to survive this round of reshuffle.For suppliers, master of all things is not necessarily a good thing.
 For the construction machinery industry, the supplier's product positioning will be more clear, the focus will also change, through to divest non core business, focusing on the core plate, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, is one of the current supplier selection. In this process, the global construction machinery industry chain, the front end of the supporting resources will be more efficient allocation.