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The Status Of The Construction Industry In The National Economy

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Construction industry in the national economy, the proportion of the industry and agriculture, the development of China's economy has a decisive role. At the same time, as a labor-intensive industry, the construction industry provides a large number of employment opportunities. Therefore, the construction industry is running well or not on China's economic development and social stability is of great significance.
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In fact, the industrial developed countries adopt the concept of "special construction industry" in the national economic accounting and statistics, and the concept of "general construction industry" is adopted in the management of the industry. Generalized architectural industry "covers the building products and and the construction industry production activities related to all service activities, also relates to the second industry and the third industry of content, in the WTO in the service trade general agreement" (GATS) contains the content of trade in construction services.
According to the National Bureau of statistics in May 2003 promulgated the provisions of the three industrial division, the construction industry belongs to the second industry. Construction industry in the national economy in the proportion of the industry after industry and agriculture, but higher than the commercial, transportation, service industry and other industries. According to the statistical data of the construction industry over the years, with the rapid growth of the national economy, investment in fixed assets increased year by year, the value of the construction industry increased steadily, after deducting price factors, the average annual growth of about 12. Added value of the construction industry accounted for the proportion of GDP increased from 50 in the 3's to 6.68 in 2002, is the pillar industry of the national economy. The development of the construction industry drive and promote the development of other sectors of the national economy, but also absorbed a large number of labor, in 2002 the number of industry practitioners to 38.93 million person, 195 times more than at the beginning of the liberation of the 20 million people, than 854 million in 1978 increased by 4.6 times and number of 2002 industry practitioners accounted for the number of employees in the society as a whole the 5.28. The total profit and tax of construction industry increased significantly, the average annual growth rate of -2002 in 1992 was 30, the construction industry played an important role in China's national economic growth.
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But with the end of the transition period of WTO, our country perform their WTO commitments, the gradual elimination of foreign construction enterprises to enter the domestic market barriers, further intensify the competition in construction industry in our country will, also various internal and external factors that will be in different extent influence the development of China's Construction Enterprises, especially in state-owned construction enterprises caused by the impact is more serious. How to face the problem, the flexible strain, looking for the solution, is our country construction enterprise can not think of strategic issues