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The Quality Standard Of Construction Industry In China

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1 new understanding of the quality management of construction industry
Construction industry is an important industrial sector of the country, the country's annual fixed asset investment is huge. Project, quality first, this is the basic principle of construction industry. To sum up the experience and lessons of history, whenever there is a high tide of construction, the quality of the project is prone to problems. Especially brought by market economy although competition is to promote quality management on a new level of favorable conditions, but the market and the negative side, when it is still in the developmental stages, will lead to blindness of commodity production, some enterprises for profit temptation. It is easy to overlook the quality. Now some of the quality management of construction enterprises to go downhill, the organization is not perfect, low quality of personnel, quality management The name falls short of the reality. Some construction enterprises deliberately cut corners, crudely made, resort to deceit, shoddy. In recent years, the occurrence of Engineering collapse accident, although it is an individual phenomenon, but of a serious nature, the consequence is unimaginable, which requires enterprises to raise awareness, strengthen management. Requires government departments to strengthen market management, strengthen the government's supervision function, improve the corresponding constraint mechanism.
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Enterprises are subject to pressure from the market, such as some products not certified quality shall not be exported shall not enter certain provinces and cities, has not obtained the ISO9000 quality system certification of enterprises shall not take part in the * * * project bidding or not to enter the market, * * all enterprises are facing the pressure. Some provinces and municipalities of China are actively promoting the construction of the ISO9000 series of standards for the early to obtain ISO9000 certification. Although the construction enterprises are subject to the market pressure is not, but the pressure will be for construction enterprise to implement the ISO9000 series of standards of raw power, the real driving force is bound to promote the ISO9000 series of standards implementation. The construction industry in our country will be in the implementation of ISO9000 series standard, the quality management to a new level.
The implementation of ISO9000 series standard, the quality system certification, is a process of updating the concept, in the past we simply to meet the design drawings as a measure of the quality of good or bad, that is, only to emphasize compliance. This concept should be updated, to emphasize the applicability of the product, product quality to customer satisfaction as the standard, including construction products from design, construction to use and service quality of the whole process. The most fundamental is to obtain customer satisfaction evaluation, such as some of Japanese enterprises, stressed that the products have charm, called "attractive quality" or "defect free products". We want to steal from the world, use, make our products and the quality of the project with the world famous products and international engineering quality comparable to, which is also involved in the needs of domestic and international construction market competition.